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What politicians think about Net Zero and the Green Economy

New Polling Report

42% of Conservative councillors said they will not campaign for the prioritisation of Net Zero, compared to 85% of Labour and 95% of Lib Dem councillors that said they will

Understanding politicians’ views towards Net Zero and the climate crisis has never been more important to those in the Built Environment.

In November, the UK hosted the landmark COP26 climate summit and the subsequent conflict in Ukraine, and the ensuing costing of living crisis, has further elevated issues around energy security up the domestic and international political agenda.

Against this unprecedent backdrop, BECG commissioned Savanta ComRes to survey MPs and councillors from across the UK to understand what they think about Net Zero and the Green Economy.

At a time when the energy sector has never been under more pressure, we wanted to understand views from right across the political spectrum on the key questions like:

  • Whether politicians will be campaigning for or against the prioritisation of Net Zero at future elections
  • In which parts of the UK politicians are most supportive of the 2050 Net Zero commitment
  • Which renewable energy projects politicians are most supportive of following COP26
  • Where climate and the environment sit on the political agenda in the context of planning
  • Whether politicians are confident of meeting the 2050 Net Zero targets following COP26
  • Which elements of the 10-Point Plan politicians think are currently on track


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