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Water and Utilities

Engaging with customers in a digital space.


BECG leads the industry in communications and political engagement consultancies for the water and utilities sector in the UK.

The shift to digital communication has enabled us to transform messaging for the utilities sector, providing more innovative and engaging content that is tailored to diverse audiences. This enhanced content facilitates collaboration across broad and challenging geographical areas and improves the efficiency of sharing information and gathering feedback.

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Future of Stakeholder engagement

Every business has a story. We tell it in a way that resonates with the people that matter to you.

We have collaborated with industry thought leader Utility Week to produce the Future of Stakeholder Engagement report. Engagement with stakeholders and customers has never been more important for utility companies.

This report discusses the considerations, techniques and tools needed to make sure engagement activity works effectively, providing useful and productive insights from a diverse stakeholder and customer base. It includes advice and case studies to demonstrate how new approaches to engagement can deliver successful outcomes.