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Working to deliver sustainable waste management for a better environment

As a complex and sophisticated industrial and service-led economy, the UK demands ever more effective waste management and renewables strategies.

BECG understands the communications challenges where such a highly regulated and technical sector delivers projects with such significant impact on local communities and stakeholders. With experience in landfill, recycling and waste to energy projects, we are helping to keep the lights on, the bins emptied and preserve precious resources for a cleaner environment.

As one of the leading communications consultancies for the waste and recycling sector in the UK, we are aware that effective engagement – with your staff, your customers and their communities, and with your wider stakeholders – has never been more critical. This includes reconsidering the rules of engagement; looking towards alternative communications channels and digital tools.

Whether in the short-term to protect our economy and move vital projects forward, or in the long-term to improve and compliment community engagement, virtual consultation has quickly become a crucial part of effective and engaging communication.

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