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Video for Exhibitions


Video – You know you should be using it and you know why. But do you know how? Video is a fundamental part (or should be) of all marketing strategies, but still, some companies aren’t sure what video they should be using, or where. 

In this blog mini-series ‘Video for the Built Environment’, I’ll be exploring the different types of video you should be aware of and the many ways video can be used to help you reach your business targets. 

Enhance your exhibition experience 

Research shows that 93% of businesses who use video, believe that it has increased user understanding of their product or service. So why aren’t more companies in the built environment sectors, using video? 

Exhibitions are the perfect opportunity to increase lead generationmeet up with new and existing clientsand keep up with what is happening in your industry – you get to showcase your product and your business in a relevant environment. 

Exhibitions also offer the perfect platform for video. Video can explain your product or service in a way words can’t always do. Exhibitions are busy and more often than not, you’ll receive more stand visitors than you have team members able to deal with them, which means some people go away unspoken to. Some visitors may feel too intimidated or reluctant to talk to you, so video can act as your additional consultant. No one should leave your stand unable to explain what it is you do or offer. 

Top exhibition video ideas you should consider  

  • Be bold and clear – simplify your messages through a powerful and engaging animation and entertain your audience.  
  • Video top trumps – to introduce the team on the stand can be a great way for attendees to figure out who is who and who they need to speak to. 
  • Keep it short, but make it count… use short 30 second clips, flythroughs, highly visual 3D animation or live streams to help your audience really understand and experience your product/service offer. 

One of the many great things about video, is that you only have to create it once. It can be used time after time and at multiple events and exhibitions throughout the year. Social cut downs can also be created, and the video can be sent out via email and shared on internal staff portals at a later date to increase the ROI. In fact,  51% of marketing professionals  worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. 

Hosting your video 

We are certainly living in a digital age. iPads and tablets are much more accessible and provide a great alternative for exhibitions where stand space is limited and you’re unable to incorporate a TV screen. Tablets are also light, portable and simple to use. Creating an app or portal to host your videos on your stand can be created at a much lower cost than you would initially think.  

Top tips for exhibition videos: 

  1. Keep videos short and informative. 
  2. Be Bold – use interesting graphics or colours to keep viewer attention. 
  3. Turn off the sound – If your video originally included a voice over, why not try subtitles? – otherwise it will drive your on-stand team to distraction!  

If you’re thinking about adding video to your exhibition experience – don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.   

Written by: Taylor Haydon


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