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Elections Ballot Box

The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly: The final countdown


With less than a week until London goes to the ballot box, the polls suggest the Conservatives have had their last party for some time, with predictions that the Tories will lose over 80 seats to Labour in London and with it both Wandsworth and Barnet.

With that in mind we take our final look at the best and worst of the campaigns across London.

Debt free Bromley

Bromley are leading with their unique brag that they are a debt free council, earning £13.8 million in investment income in 2021/22.

Labour Barnet pledge: Beautiful Barnet Buildings?

This week, Barnet Labour issued a leaflet with pledges to ‘stand up to developers against tower blocks’ and pledged to introduce a design review panel to improve the aesthetic of buildings in Barnet.

Your tax, your choice 

Wandsworth’s ‘Local Conservatives’ continue to fuel the campaign with messages about Council Tax, playing into the age old narrative the Labour cannot be trusted with finances – but will it be enough?

Croydon Tories Leaflet

Croydon Tories have come out swinging this week with a leaflet with the headline ‘Labour’s Track Record of Shame’.

Amongst other matters, the leaflets decries Labours ‘indiscriminate planning consents’ and described Croydon as a ‘developer’s paradise’. The Tories themselves pledge to ‘end Labour’s planning policies and ‘restore protection of the suburbs and protect family homes’.

Despite it’s hard hitting narrative, there’s been reports that some of the leaflets have ended up outside the borough including in Streatham.


Video of the week- Greens Apocalypse Brent

Election Buzz in Brentford

The award for this weeks ‘best piece of print’ goes to Bob Ayres who’s running as an Independent in Brentford East Ward in Hounslow.

Bob’s gone for a slightly different take on the elections poster negating the usual hallmarks and going for something slight more vibrant:



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Written by: Sarah Wardle


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