Resident Communications

Maintaining trust with residents during disruptive works

At BECG we know that our clients’ reputations are at particular risk during long-term, disruptive works that affect existing residents.

Using our extensive experience of resident communications and our knowledge of digital we have developed a suite of digital communications tools – Built to Engage – to help you engage with residents effectively during long term projects.

Our simple to set up and use web-based platform, supported by our experienced team, allows landlords, and construction teams to communicate with residents digitally, personally and instantly. This smarter way to communicate builds trust, reduces the cost of traditional channels, prompts engagement through easy to use feedback mechanisms, and provides you with data and insights to inform strategy. It’s ideal for:

  • Complex fire safety/structural remedial works
  • Disruptive construction and infrastructure projects

Built to Engage lets us connect with residents the way they’re used to – digitally, personally, instantly. Much more cost-effective than traditional mailouts or ads, and much more productive – it’s simply a better way to connect for the long term

Matt Carpen, Managing Director, Barking Riverside

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