WMCA Fire Service consultation


BECG exceeded the target it was set of securing 1,000 responses

BECG has provided West Midlands Combined Authority’s  (WMCA) Board with strategic advice and support on the design and undertaking of two separate consultations, regarding the future Mayoral Governance of the West Midlands Fire Service and proposed transfer of powers and responsibilities from the Police and Crime Commissioner to the Mayor.

Development of both consultations involved liaison with WMCA officer representatives, its Board, the Mayor’s office and respectively, West Midlands Fire Service and the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The engagement strategies focused on using both traditional and digital methods such as stakeholder targeting through letters and social media, whilst ensuring local representatives were able to distribute the key messages and help secure engagement from the public that was representative of the Combined Authority’s demographic.

Upon conclusion of both consultations, BECG assisted the WMCA team with the analysis and writing of consultation reports for the Board’s consideration.

BECG exceeded the target it was set of securing 1,000 responses to the Fire Service consultation and secured 6,794 responses for the Polic and Crime Commissioner consultation in comparison to the 1,316 responses to the WMCA’s consultation on the region’s first devolution deal.