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Case Study

United Utilities Collaboration Portal

A case study of our work with United Utilities, creating their collaboration portal, showcasing a range of our digital offerings


United Utilities have several long terms strategic projects within water resources area including Drainage Wastewater Management Plan, Catchment System Thinking and their Water Resource Management Plan. For each key project they want to engage regional stakeholders and partners to help collaborate in the future of the programmes.  

They wanted to create an online forum to discuss plans and a central place to collaborate with partners.

How we assisted – Creating the Virtual Exhibition 

Working with United Utilities, BECG designed and developed the United Utilities Collaboration Portal, a website designed to present plans and discuss innovation with their partners. 

Following invitation, users were asked to setup a profile and could then participate in a range of discussions with United Utilities. 

The consultations with partners were setup as individual forums, with users able to respond to articles and provide their input. The intention was to create transparent conversation with other users being able to view and join threads and discuss critical points.  

The results 

The Collaboration portal has recently gone live with users joining the site to start the conversation and provide feedback on key pieces of work. We are due to review analytics to see where improvements can be made after the initial launch period.

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