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Case Study

Thrive Homes

Since providing Thrive’s political mapping, BECG now delivers their corporate communications, media relations and the planning communications



Thrive Homes manages some 5,000 properties in the north Home Counties, having been born of a stock transfer from Three Rivers District Council. The company has an ambitious growth programme and the funding in place to facilitate it. They work in a region in which the delivery of affordable housing is particularly important, but particularly challenging. This is due not only to high land values and the amount of competition, but due to planning being a particularly difficult process in this part of the country.

How we are assisting

BECG was initially appointed to deliver political mapping of their region. Since providing this and inputting into the company’s growth strategy, BECG now delivers Thrive’s corporate  communications, media relations and the planning communications associated with all of Thrive’s proposed developments. We have supported several Thrive sites through to a successful consent, and continue to have multiple live planning projects with them. We have been their retained corporate comms/PR agency since July 2019.