Simply Washrooms: A Brand Transition


Simply Washrooms is looking to transition into becoming a purpose-driven organisation, shifting focus towards sustainability, ethical behavior and environmental consciousness whilst targeting clients with a similar set of values. Simply Washrooms understands and welcomes the need for change in the industry. There is a commercial reason for this change of focus, as well as morally being the right approach to growth and sector leadership. 

The refreshed brand must embody this transition, ensuring a clear link with the company’s values sitting at the heart of the identity. 

Simply Washrooms is already actively practicing an ethically and environmentally conscious approach, bringing existing clients on the ‘journey’ with them. Leveraging this through a revitalised brand and messaging framework that places this value front and center, allows Simply Washrooms to attract more like-minded clientele who share similar/complementary values.  

How we assisted

Our creative team, LoveThat, worked with the Simply team through virtual workshops and calls, utilising online collaborative products such as Miro to drive insight driven collaboration sessions that in turn allowed us to identify a clear proposition that communicated the shift in brand focus.  

Getting to know the wider Simply team allowed us to spend these virtual sessions getting under the surface about how the team see the brand as it was, and how they wanted it to be.  

We then moved on to creating a visual identity that mirrored the Simply ethos and enabled them to stand out in the sector. But it’s not enough to just change the visuals to embody the values at the core of the proposition, we reviewed and reworked their messaging framework to ensure they had a consistent and strong voice in the market to capitalise on the market opportunities.  

We crafted a proposition with a new perspective alongside head-to-toe brand identity and messaging framework including: 

  • Logo and brand guideline 
  • Social and digital asset creation
  • Website refresh 
  • Presentation assets