Seeds for Growth London Elections Campaign


We are working on a pro-bono basis for Seeds for Growth, a charity who enhance life chances of disadvantaged communities in East London. Specifically, we are helping to promote the work that they do building community gardens in under-utilised areas on social housing estates.

We are utilising the London Mayoral and Assembly campaigns to promote the work they do with key political figures.

Key project information

  • Looking to get support for the work that they do from London Mayoral and Assembly candidates and a commitment to work alongside them after the election.
  • This would take the form of a pledge that candidates would sign up to and Seeds for Growth would then let their supporters know which candidates had signed up to support the scheme.
  • Additionally, we would seek to use our contacts to influence the manifesto drafting process of Sadiq Khan’s campaign to get a commitment to support their work.
  • Look to offer campaign visits for the key Mayoral candidates to get buy in for the schemes.

How we assisted

  • We used our knowledge to put together a database of the candidates and their contact details.
  • Drafted and sent email correspondence to all London Assembly candidates asking them to sign up to the pledge.
  • Spoke with the main architect of Sadiq Khan’s manifesto to ensure a commitment was included in the document.
  • Offer campaign visits to the Mayoral campaigns through their supportive Assembly candidates and our links to their campaigns.


  • A pledge to support the scheme was included in Sadiq Khan’s Mayoral manifesto giving Seeds for Growth an opportunity to work with the GLA post-election to spread their projects across the city.
  • UKIP Mayoral candidate tweeted his support.
  • Campaign visits were offered to all the main campaigns.
  • We are now working with Seeds for Growth with following up on their support at the GLA as well as working towards the 2022 London borough elections.

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