Providing Crisis Support for High Profile Issues


When two of the largest fires at residential blocks since the Grenfell Tower tragedy broke out, BECG was appointed on a retained basis in both instances to lead on all communications aspects, overseeing media handling, resident communications and stakeholder relations.

How we assisted

From the start, BECG was responsible for handling all media relations on behalf of our clients, including national broadcast, national and local print, as well as trade press. BECG was also brought on to lead resident communications, and stakeholder engagement targeting the local MP, council, GLA, MHCLG and the Regulator for Social Housing.

BECG devised a comprehensive communications strategy that ensured a ‘customer first’ communications approach, supported by hands-on media handling to protect our clients’ reputation.

BECG immediately set up a press office to handle media and stakeholder enquiries, alongside proactive and dedicated customer communications. Our expert team developed immediate resident communications – through newsletters, a dedicated resident website, FAQs, and proactive social media management.

Since the crisis incidents, BECG has continued to work with both clients to ensure that a long-term, robust communications strategy and approach maintain their strong position with residents and local and national stakeholders.


Both organisations were able to respond within BECG’s tried and tested crisis communications response framework, allowing them to follow best practice in their response.

BECG’s expert media handling helped to protect our clients’ reputation. With over 100 press enquiries received by BECG’s press office, BECG provided timely, accurate and sensitive responses. Press coverage portrayed both organisations in a caring, charitable and resident-focused light.

The customer-first communications response has helped to maintain trust and positive, ongoing relations with the community. In one instance, feedback from the council leader confirmed that one client was seen to have managed the crisis well and has continued to build trust with residents and stakeholders since the fire.