Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro (CAM)

BECG was appointed in November 2019 to the CAM project – a new metro-style network that will connect settlements and employment areas across Cambridgeshire. Working to support the preparation of an Outline Business Case for the scheme, BECG was tasked with devising and delivering an initial programme of public consultation and stakeholder/business engagement.

To give the project a clear identity BECG created a new brand, embodied in a new logo as well as a website for the project to provide a single-source of information and updates. To communicate the need for the project, BECG shot a video for the scheme, incorporating interviews with key local stakeholders.

The non-statutory consultation included six public consultation events across Cambridge, alongside information points across the wider region. The consultation was publicized via a range of methods, including local media, social media and the project website. Briefings were held with key stakeholders, including councillors, MPs and major business contacts.

Following the consultation, BECG produced a high-quality and detailed Consultation Report on the findings of the consultation and the feedback received from the public and stakeholders, which will inform the evolution of the proposals and the preparation of an Outline Business Case.