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Case Study

National Grid Virtual Exhibition

A case study of our work with the National Grid and their virtual exhibition, showcasing the digital experiences we can offer



National Grid were conducting a consultation around a project to reinforce the electricity transmission network between Bramford and Twinstead. A key site that needed upgrading and capability adding to, to be able to transport cleaner, greener energy across the network and help the UK move towards their net zero goals.  

How we assisted – Creating the Virtual Exhibition 

The proposal and the need for network reinforcement are complicated, and require technical explanation to help users understand the various elements and what’s required. 

We first built out user personas to understand the various users for the site, key behaviour and how they digest content and information. Based on a varied user base and different levels of technical knowledge, we built out a site which supported both the complex and technical need but also presented information in layman’s terms, with features to allow the audience to toggle between the two, allowing users to receive content according to their need.  

Additionally, the projects impacts covered a wide geographic area. We created a bespoke map allowing users to access information via geographic filters, and review elements of the proposal that are relevant to their local area.  

A targeted social media and digital advertising approach was used to drive users from multiple sources to different pages on the consultation. Mid-way through the campaign we reviewed analytics to hone in on the media and messaging that was driving users to the site and engagement in key content.  


The results 

The initial consultation period is now over, with the site having received over 6,000 visitors during the initial consultation period. On average users were engaged in the experience staying for over 1m30 and reviewing 2 pages per session.

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