An online archive driven by submissions from external stakeholders

BECG is supporting China General Nuclear Ltd (CGN) and EDF Energy in communications associated with their proposals for a new nuclear power station known as Bradwell B, in Maldon, Essex.

As part of building positive momentum behind the proposals and engaging with Hard to Reach groups, BECG has formulated and delivered the MyBradwell campaign. This is an interactive online archive that capitalises on the positive local memories associated with the original Bradwell Nuclear Power Station, which operated from 1963 – 2002.

BECG reached out to residents, councillors and local groups to identify anyone with a memory of the original power station or local area. We then called on them to submit it to the project team. Putting the archive in the public domain encourages further submission and allows us to continually populate an archive driven by these memories.

Key project information

  • The main challenges are promoting awareness of the archive, driving submissions and keeping content fresh
  • The objective is to unlock and capitalise on the positive feeling associated with the area’s provenance in nuclear power generation, benefitting Bradwell B and unlocking support from Hard to Reach groups
  • With nuclear energy being a particularly controversial issue with certain environmental groups, the MyBradwell initiative is a vehicle to remind residents about the close new communities and positives which can be created through schemes like Bradwell B.

How we are assisting

  • BECG formulated the concept, delivered the bespoke website and unrolled the full launch plan that used all available traditional and digital methods of communication
  • The includes ongoing use of the project’s Twitter account, @CGNBradwellB, which BECG manages. Using Twitter has allowed us to continually post new memories as they are uploaded and to thus generate consistent traffic to the website
  • The intention is to maintain this campaign through ongoing communications, including the forthcoming DCO


  • Within a fortnight of having been launched, 16 memories had been submitted by third parties
  • The launch has triggered interest and coverage from various media outlets, including two interviews on different BBC Essex radio shows and significant local media coverage
  • Essex Records Office has shown in interest in partnering to help build the archive and store any physical items accrued
  • We continue to promote the archive in all stakeholder engagement and on the projects’ Twitter account, generating engaging content and positive will amongst many in the community