Keep Calm and Get Tested

BECG supported NHS Solent’s sexual health campaign to identify and treat chlamydia, Keep Calm and Get Tested.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the prevalence of chlamydia among 15-25 year olds in the region that NHS Solent operates to encourage them to get tested and treated for the sexually transmitted disease.  To add impetus to the campaign, BECG supported Solent NHS’ attempt to set a world record for the number of sexual health tests to be undertaken in a 24-hour period with media support.  This successful attempt increased awareness of the campaign and lead to a significant increase in the number of tests undertaken during and beyond the world record attempt.

More than 816,833 people had an opportunity to hear and or read about the campaign, with 760 15-24 year olds taking part in the Guinness World Record attempt.

As a result of the campaign, Solent NHS was recommissioned to deliver the chlamydia testing and treatment service for the region and achieved a higher rate of sexual health tests than the previous year.

PRCA Dare Awards Winner – South West and Wales