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Case Study

Driving best practice through social media customer service

With SoCrowd, South Staffs Water and Cambridge Water have improved their social media customer service capabilities resulting in a better customer experience


South Staffs Water have been using our social media platform, SoCrowd, since 2018 to deliver a seamless customer experience on social media. 

The Background

South Staffs Water supplies high-quality drinking water to approximately 1.3m people and approximately 35,000 commercial customers in the West Midlands, South Staffordshire, South Derbyshire, North Warwickshire and North Worcestershire.

The water industry is quite unique with heavy regulation from the industry body Ofwat. When it comes to customer service, water companies are gearing up to record and report on the number of complaints received via all communications channels including social media. A complaint is defined as any interaction which does not end with a positive sentiment and any inbound message that is not responded to within 24 hours.

The Challenges

  • Ensure customers receive the highest levels of customer service, as measured by the industry regulator Ofwat.
  • Improve customer service response times and response quality on social media.
  • Establish a single view of all social media activity spanning both the Customer Service team and the Marketing Communications team.
  • Monitor the sentiment of customer engagements and record an audit trail of all social media activity.

How we assisted

As part of a wider digital transformation initiative, the team were seeking a new solution that would allow the organisation to deliver a better, faster customer experience on social media. Today with SoCrowd, the Service Delivery team can monitor and respond quickly to incoming customer enquiries in a controlled way, and the Communications team have a single dashboard to schedule outbound messages and campaigns.

Because of the strict regulations on complaints, it is vital that South Staffs Water and Cambridge Water can monitor and respond quickly to new enquiries on social media, making it as easy as possible for customers to get in touch. When it comes to recording the sentiment of social media interactions, the software provides both a day-by-day snapshot and high-level overview for all connected accounts and users.

The results

With SoCrowd, South Staffs Water and Cambridge Water have improved their social media customer service capabilities resulting in a better customer experience.

Additionally, the Communications team now have a single dashboard to collaboratively plan and schedule content, and drive greater engagement with customers and local communities on social.

  • Ability to manage social media customer care enquiries at scale in times of crisis or incident, with an average response time of just 2 minutes.
  • Can safely manage hundreds of social media interactions with a complete audit trail of all activity and sentiment.
  • Established a reliable and repeatable process to record complaints on social media which can be reported to senior management and the industry body Ofwat.
  • A shared dashboard for all social media engagements across the Customer Service and Communications teams, allowing close collaboration and resulting in a better overall customer experience.
  • Ability to plan and schedule social media content in advance, and easily report on the performance with detailed campaign and post analytics.

SoCrowd is a social media management platform owned by the BECG Group. You can find out how it can simplify and co-ordinate your activity, protect your reputation and help you have meaningful conversations with your audience to realise the value of your social crowd here.

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