Delivering digital engagement and collaboration

The Brief

BECG was instructed to develop and facilitate a consultation programme for Water Resources West on its 25-year water resource plan.  

The consultation was multi-faceted encompassing a wide range of topics such as water transfers, environmental direction, options for water sourcing, and usage of public sector water courses. Over 1,000 stakeholders from different sectors needed to be engaged including regulators, NGOs, and private sector businesses. 

Our approach

BECG developed a consultation programme across four workstreams:  

  • Priorities and positioning   
  • Options for water sources and usage  
  • Environmental ambition  
  • Water transfers 

The consultation responded to the challenges of Covid19, and the associated guidance around social distancing, utilising a mixture of digital engagement methods. This included workshops, webinars, and the use of an online hub to collect feedback. Our stakeholder engagement system, Built to Engage, provided an easy to manage and secure platform to store stakeholder data and feedback.  

BECG utilised our innovative virtual conferencing platform to facilitate the consultations. The first workstream used a webinar, allowing attendees to hear from Water Resources West and ask questions about the plans, vision, and future of the organisation.  

The second stream involved a variety of interactive workshop sessions for stakeholders. These walked attendees through future plans of Water Resources West and asked them to identify geographical areas of interest on an interactive map of the region. This provided a visual representation of the interests of each attendee and the organisations they represented.  

For the third and fourth workstreams, BECG launched an online consultation hub, IdeaStream. This encouraged online discussion and allowed stakeholders the opportunity to engage with plans in their own time. All feedback collected through the hub was stored and analysed through the Built to Engage platform. 

The results

BECG developed and managed a webinar attended by 70 cross-sector stakeholders, a virtual workshop attended by 30 stakeholders from the private and public sectors, as well as regulators, and a virtual hub open to 1,000 users to collaborate and discuss the future of water with one another. The digital approach successfully brought together stakeholders covering a broader geography than would typically have been possible with more traditional face-to-face regionalised events.