Bradwell B Nuclear Power Station


Since 2017, BECG has supported all communications in relation to the formulation of proposals for the Bradwell B nuclear power station in Maldon, Essex, ensuring that positive messaging resonates locally despite a loud oppositional voice.

Stakeholder and community engagement

The communications strategy spans multiple local authorities and a hugely diverse array of communities. BECG has mapped stakeholders at all tiers from the local community to Central Government, and maintains a robust stakeholder database that clearly records all contact, as a critical part of the DCO process. The project involves coordinating letter-drops and collateral to circa 40,000 addresses.

The COVID-19 pandemic escalated shortly following the launch of the Stage 1 consultation on 4th March 2020, and partway through a series of public exhibitions. BECG has since helped to deliver a virtual public exhibition and 15 surgery-style telephone sessions in which those who want to talk to the project team book a 20-minute slot for a conference/video call.

Virtual Consultations Services Guide

Website development

BECG designed and developed the project website for Bradwell B, which is inclusive of a virtual public exhibition. The site has been designed with a wide range of users in mind, from key senior stakeholders through to local residents, and as such is designed to be widely accessible wherever possible.

Social media

BECG manages all of the Bradwell B social media activity – developing content calendars and associated digital elements (for example graphics, gifs and video content), setting up and monitoring paid social media campaigns, as well as all elements of community management including responding to comments and requests and identifying opportunities to promote Bradwell B.


MyBradwell is an ongoing creative community project, formulated and delivered by BECG, that harnesses the history of Bradwell-on-Sea’s connection to nuclear power which spans more than half a century. We have created an online archive where the local community can share their written, photographic, video and audio memories of Bradwell.