Bradwell B Nuclear Power Station

A robust stakeholder database that clearly records all contact is a critical part of the DCO process

BECG supports all communications in relation to the formulation of proposals for the Bradwell B nuclear power station in Maldon, Essex, ensuring that positive messaging resonates locally despite a loud oppositional voice.

Three key strands of BECG’s work on this project are:

The BECG team manages all community queries and contact using the “Bradwell B Communications Team” moniker and sticks to a defined set of messages and FAQs agreed with the client. This has ensured that the project maintains its identity and that messaging is consistent and effective.

Broad engagement
The communications strategy spans multiple local authorities. BECG has mapped stakeholders at all tiers from the local community to Central Government, and maintains a robust stakeholder database that clearly records all contact, as a critical part of the DCO process. The project has already involved coordinating letter-drops and collateral to circa 34,000 addresses, and will evolve
to include innovative consultation techniques and initiatives as the Bradwell B proposals progress.

Effective coordination
The rigorous weekly client liaison and reporting procedure derives maximum value from the project with inbound community queries compiled and responses drafted for client sign-off. This has effectively streamlined the process and ensures that reporting and recording is robust, accurate and fully compliant.