Anspach & Hobday: London Black


Anspach & Hobday, a London brewery, came to us with an exciting opportunity to support a fundraising campaign for their latest drink, London Black.  

They needed a video to help visualise how far they have come since their last round of fundraising, including the work that has gone into its operations as well as the initial success of their new drink. This content would help show how much their previous fundraising has supported this recent growth and lead into the need for more. 

Anspach & Hobday have set their sights on disrupting the market for stout beers and challenging the instantly recognisable brand of Guinness. To do this, they needed to fundraise to help them grow their operations by opening up another brewery to support the demand for their new drink. 

How we assisted

Our creative service LoveThat worked with the client to produce a screenplay/story flow document, finding out exactly what content and messages the client wanted to share. From this, our video team put together a production plan in line with the clients’ budgets. In this instance, our team had one day to shoot enough content to cover the long-form video and all the supporting social and ad content. 

We then spent the day travelling between the clients’ locations (brewery, bar and tap room) collecting b-roll footage. And a big chunk of the team’s time was spent capturing talking head/interview content that would be imperative to the video and how the story was told. 

We delivered a long form version of the fundraising campaign video. This was then cut into a shorter form version for social channels. 

We then took the footage and created some social adverts. One focused on the entire process of brewing their new drink, the other a short fun advert paying homage to their competitors, Guinness. 

The results

The video, which sat on the crowd funding page helped them smash their initial fundraising target by 220%. This was supported by the social clip that pointed users to the crowd funding page.

  • Target fundraising: £300k 
  • Actual fundraising: £661k 
  • Investors: 869