AGS Airspace Change Proposals

A major review of the UK’s controlled airspace is being overseen by the UK regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). AGS Airports Limited has retained BECG to manage the engagement and consultation requirements of the CAA’s Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) process. BECG is delivering complex multi-stage engagement for three significant regional airports. BECG is managing the delivery of three programmes running on parallel but staggered timelines.

Key project information

BECG is delivering the stakeholder and community engagement programmes for Southampton, Glasgow and Aberdeen Airports in accordance with the CAA’s regulatory guidance, known as CAP 1616. To help AGS manage and mitigate any consultation risk BECG has worked with The Consultation Institute to create a robust engagement methodology that successfully meets the CAP 1616 requirement to engage widely with stakeholders, and from an early stage.

How we assisted

The approach for each airport has then been tailored to be proportionate to the geographic reach of the affected airspace and the volume of stakeholders within each interest group category. Work commenced in summer 2019 and will be on-going as each Gateway is cleared in the seven stage CAP 1616 process set out by the CAA.

The outcome

  • With BECG’s support, Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Southampton Airports have all received clearance from the CAA in respect of successful completion of the Stage 1 Define Gateway, without delay.
  • After a pause prompted by the pandemic, BECG is beginning work on the Stage 2 work for all three airports.
  • The requirements of the CAA’s CAP 1616 guidance have been successfully implemented with detailed multi-stage engagement having taken place with the aviation community, the regional business community, elected officials at all levels within the region, and representatives of the local communities.



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