Delivering digital consumer engagement

AbScent is an organisation committed to raising awareness of smell loss (anosmia) and make a difference to the thousands of people who have the life-changing condition. Many people take their sense of smell for granted. Smell loss is an invisible disability that can leave sufferers feeling lonely and isolated.

BECG has supported AbScent with the development of a strong and engaging brand identity as well as a suite of literature templates to help create a consistent and professional look and feel across all communications.

At the same time we delivered a new website abscent.org to provide sufferers with access to a wide range of education and support around smell loss.

Alongside the launch of the website, BECG has also supported with the development of a number of digital solutions to engage the smell loss community and support vital research into the condition:

  • Sense of Smell Project Questionnaire – a collaboration between patients will smell disorders and scientists – will help professionals learn more about what it’s like to live with the condition, with the aim of developing healing strategies and better ways to support patients. The online questionnaire will collect data over time and be accessed by a team of scientists.
  • A Smell Loss App – will help coach sufferers through smell loss training, and provide a more personalised experience.