A new Wellness Centre for Denton

As part of a £20m capital investment in leisure provision, Tameside Council is proposing to build a new Wellness Centre in Denton, to include swimming pools, ten pin bowling, a soft play area, café and meeting area, sauna, steam room, community space, gym and studios.​

With a large number of stakeholder groups involved and political sensitivity around the closure of other leisure facilities in the borough, BECG worked with Tameside Council to ensure that robust pre-application consultation was undertaken in support of the proposals, including hard-to-reach groups. ​

Based on a comprehensive stakeholder mapping exercise to identify likely consultees and the most appropriate consultation methods, we advised the Council how to undertake best practice consultation that could not be challenged at a later date. The consultation strategy included a number of consultation events across the borough, one-to-one meetings with site neighbours, an online consultation platform, briefings for active Tameside employees and bespoke sessions for hard-to-reach groups (such as older residents and people living with a disability).​

The consultation ensured that the final designs for the Wellness Centre met the needs of the those who will use it and exceeded Tameside Council’s consultation policy requirements. The Tameside Wellness Centre opened to the public in March 2020.