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Post-Brexit Britain


I bet my Article fifty quid that Brexit will be the ubiquitous word at MIPIM this year. Looking down the delegate list, I’m pretty sure most of the property industry are rolling into Cannes for that one last hurrah before the three horsemen of the apocalypse trot down the Croisette.

Parking the car crash that is Brexit to one side for a moment; at some point, in the hopefully not too distant future, we will see the resurgence of the domestic policy agenda and we’ll be reminded that the political class still has ideas to deliver growth, investment and new homes.

Although all parties have a bit of soul searching to do, for the Conservatives, it’s likely we’ll see the return of true free market enterprise, if they can manage their message on taxation and regain fiscal libertarianism.

There is a growing appetite for the establishment of free ports, particularly in the north, as a main driver for growth. Politically, this would seem to make the most sense given the host of northern constituencies ripe for the taking following the Brexit vote; jobs, investment and new homes are the way to secure their position.

With budgets down to the bare bones across all tiers of government and not a penny to be seen in the National Infrastructure Fund, the private sector will be called upon to deliver more and more. So when you’re on your third glass of rose in the sun next week thinking “it will never be this good again” remember, post-Brexit Britain will create opportunities to redefine relationships.

Sarah Wardle is a Senior Account Director at BECG and a Conservative Councillor in the London Borough of Barnet. Follow our MIPIM conversation using #BECGconversation and if you’re going then get in touch to meet up.

Written by: Sarah Wardle


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