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Site acquisition & due diligence

Planning is political. We help to bring the community along with you and to mitigate risk.

Our clients rightly invest in thorough due diligence prior to acquiring their development sites, which increasingly means analysing the political factors that may present risk or opportunity to a site coming forward.

Bids for sites can be strengthened through this political knowledge, whilst a consummate engagement strategy is a critical part of a broader submission.

Our service at pre-acquisition stage ranges from providing a high-level overview of the overarching political considerations, to a more granular analysis of the site and its competitors and some engagement to inform our conclusions.

We have the knowledge and experience to know how the process works from every side. Consultants from across our offices deliver pre-acquisition work for a huge variety of projects and for clients of all natures. Bolstering their extensive experience of advising private and public sector clients, our consultants can also deliver insight from their time as councillors, local authority officers, MHCLG civil servants, planning consultants and more.

In bringing BECG onto a formal bid team, we will also deliver the copywriting for the engagement strategy.

Whilst politics is one factor among many, it can often be vital to a site’s progression. BECG can help establish this from the outset, and significantly minimise risk.

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