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Construction Communications

We help to bring the community along with you and to mitigate risk.

We offer a tailored approach to delivering communications strategies to ensure good relations with communities and key local stakeholders throughout the construction process.

Our detailed knowledge and awareness of what matters most to communities has enabled us to develop a suite of digital communication tools – Built to Engage – that target the right audience and engage them in a way that motivates their feedback.

We deploy immediate campaigns, often to tight deadlines, to help ensure time sensitive communications. From disruptions caused by highways closures, through to demolition, we offer a package of solutions for ensuring timely and well considered communications  which minimise reputational risk and ensure commercial timescales are met.

By informing and engaging with communities, you can create positive and lasting relationships with neighbours and stakeholders, in-turn creating positive PR opportunities.

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Our 8 steps for successful public communication when re-opening construction sites, drawn from BECG’s wealth of experience providing communications support to the construction sector.Plus

8 steps for successful public communication by the construction sector