Crisis Planning & Communications

Protecting reputation, managing risk

Bad things happen to good companies. It’s how you predict, prepare for, and respond to unexpected issues and incidents that determines how quickly you can recover, and how much your reputation is affected.

Our dedicated crisis communications team has experienced dozens of crisis situations across multiple sectors and provide both crisis preparation and response services.

Our offering includes:

Crisis audit and needs analysis
Reviewing your existing crisis management proceduresdetermining how effective these are, identifying areas for development

Risk register development
Establishing all possible areas of risk, probabilitylikely impact on organisation, warning signs and responsibilities, developing risk score and log

Crisis management planning
Defining and developing action plan for high risk events to achieve effective resolution – mitigation, transfer, avoidance, acceptance

Immersive scenario testing
Live simulations of crisis events to stress-test effectiveness of
crisis management plan and individual / team / organisational performance, and apply key learnings

Crisis response
Strategy and support for real situations, 24/7, onsite and back office

Media monitoring and handling
Proactive and reactive press office support

Spokesperson training
Ensuring organisational representatives are confident, competent and on message


Our planning and preparation work helps mitigate business risk and can avoid issues turning in to full-blown crises. When a crisis incident does occur, BECG’s nationally based crisis response unit is on hand, providing the expertise, advice and resource to help organisations minimise reputational damage, and then recover.

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