Digital Consultation

We have developed a range of digital consultation solutions, drawing on our experience with planning and corporate communications, digital engagement and infrastructure projects, which will allow you to preserve vital communication with stakeholders and the community.

Enabling you to continue your consultations, whilst meeting statutory requirements, potentially engage a wider audience who might be disenfranchised from the process, and also reach those not able to attend a traditional public consultation event.

There is no reason why the coronavirus should change your plans on consulting with stakeholders. Project teams can:

  • Maintain their ability to communicate directly with stakeholders and residents and address issues and concerns during consultations.
  • Record all correspondence and generate the necessary information for the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI).
  • Make use of digital tools to assist with the informal consultation stage for infrastructure projects
  • Use digital channels to reach disenfranchised or hard to reach groups.

All solutions are fully customisable to meet your specific consultation requirements and all engagement activity is monitored and tracked to meet compliance measures.

Virtual Consultations

Find out how we can take your digital consultation online

What is clear is that assumptions many made in the pre-lockdown era about a community’s willingness to engage online about development in their area no-longer seem to hold. The barrier of a virtual planning consultation has now disappeared.Plus

Reflections from a virtual world

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Find out how we can take your digital consultation online

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