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Planning Out is an LGBT network for professionals in the town planning sector and related industries. The network has two key aims. Firstly, it is a forum for professionals in the LGBT community to develop professional connections and friendships, learn best practice and share ideas from colleagues across the industry. Secondly, Planning Out aims to provide a forum to encourage LGBT professionals to be themselves and be authentic in the workplace and in their everyday lives so that they can fulfill their potential.

They welcome all people regardless of seniority, public, private, voluntary or academic sectors as well as those who are supportive of the cause.

In 2018, Planning Out published a toolkit to be a resource for members of the LGBT+ community to better navigate the planning system. It aims to provide guidance and improve understanding of the various types of regulation in order to protect an LGBT+ venue from closure or re-development, to hold an event or festival, to temporarily use a space for community purposes or even fly rainbow flags.

The toolkit aims to ensure that LGBT+ spaces and places continue to live and breathe, offering LGBT+ people a safe space to celebrate themselves. You can download it below.

Download the toolkit here


Chris Ricot is a Committee Member of Planning Out and an Associate Director at BECG. For more information on the network, please email here.


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