New 50 Shades of Planning Podcast – Episode 11: Reasons to be cheerful

Is planning in England, as asserted by the Raynsford Review, really less effective than at any time in the post-war era? Chris Shepley, a former Chief Planning Inspector and member of the Raynsford Review panel, said that the report was produced at a time when planning is probably at its lowest ebb since 1947. Really? Does the breadth and influence of the profession now not make it more impactful than ever? As a consequence of that is it not more important than ever that planners have influence at every tier of public policy-making?

These questions are the basis of a conversation that Sam Stafford has in this episode with:

Victoria Hills, Chief Executive of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)
Peter Rees CBE, Professor of Places & City Planning at UCL
Nicki Linihan, Director at NJL Solutions

Click here to listen to Episode 11: Reasons to be cheerful.


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