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When we think of diversity, and the awareness and inclusion in public life of people of different identities, we perhaps instinctively think of ethnicity, sexuality and age. We perhaps do not think instinctively of neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity, for anybody unfamiliar with the term, is the diversity of all human brains, which includes those with Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia, and other neurological conditions. The movement is centered around the principle that there is no “normal” or “right” type of brain.

This is manifestly important to planning because a system cannot be considered effective if it is not engaging with, and working for, 15% of the population. This means that we need to talk about neurodiversity within the profession and within the workplace; we need to talk about engaging the neurodiverse in planning, and we need to talk about designing and delivering for the neurodiverse.

During the podcast, our Associate Director, Krystian Groom, discusses our Neurodiversity in Planning – Engagement Toolkit. The Toolkit, developed with industry professionals, provides seven principles to guide how to make planning consultation accessible to a neurodiverse audience, recognising that we are all affected by the built environment and we should thus all have a stake in how it is managed and developed. You can download it here.

Sam discusses these themes with guests:

  • Keeley Mitchell, Trainee Planning Officer at Dacorum Council
  • Krystian Groom, Associate Director at BECG
  • Jenny Offord, Senior Planning & Enabling Manager at Homes England
  • Atefeh Motamedi, Strategic Planner at Atkins

BECG proudly supports the 50 Shades of Planning Podcast from Samuel Stafford, Regional Strategic Land Director at Barratt Developments.

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Kevin Whitmore BECG
Written by: Kevin Whitmore


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