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New 50 Shades of Planning Podcast – Episode 31: Legal Eagles


Planning law is a serious business. If the lawyers need calling in then typically something going very well needs safeguarding or something going very badly needs salvaging. If lawyers do get called in then matters also get very formal. A protocol for this and a correct way of doing that.

Planning law seems more important, more influential and more high-profile than ever. Planning lawyers themselves though seem more accessible. Are the protocols, processes and procedures for liaising with our learned friends becoming less stuffy? What will still have a barrister looking down their nose at if you if you get it wrong? And what can barristers do that solicitors can’t?

Sam Stafford discuss these questions with:

  • Simon Ricketts, Partner, Town Legal LLP
  • Constanze (Stanzie) Bell, Barrister, Kings Chambers
  • Jerry Cahill QC, retired with over 40 years at the bar

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Kevin Whitmore BECG
Written by: Kevin Whitmore


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