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In London, the election sees 1,800 Council seats up for grabs with elections across all 32 boroughs (with all but seven having new ward boundaries) and five Mayoral races.

The 2018 election results are regarded as a high point for Labour, and with recent polls suggesting massive leads for them across the capital they will be expected perform well.

However, last year’s Mayoral results suggested Labour’s vote is weakening in the outer boroughs largely due to the Mayor’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood and ULEZ policies. Elsewhere, the Tories continued to be dogged by poor national polling and cost of living crisis headlines, but this affect their performance at the ballot box?

For most of the boroughs in London we are unlikely to any change in administration. However, there are several tightly contested races which are being run and a lot of new candidates and fresh-faced leaders.


Countdown to Local Elections

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