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London Planning Committee Report

This is our fourth annual report into residential applications going through London’s planning committees, with each year’s numbers telling a story of General Elections, the pandemic and economic uncertainty.  


This year has been defined by political upheaval arising from May’s all-out elections.

Seven boroughs changed hands and three other boroughs changed leadership immediately following the election, resulting in the biggest turnover of political leadership, following an election in London, for 12 years. The resulting impact on planning in the capital has been significant. 

Check out the top headlines from our report:

  • 22 out of 33 London boroughs approved everything that was put to them this year
  • The most erratic decision-making is in boroughs that have changed hands politically
  • The most improved borough this year is Haringey
  • Four boroughs refused more homes than they approved this year
  • Eight boroughs approved more homes than all the others combined

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