Healthy communities are thriving communities. We champion the creation of healthier places and access to quality healthcare.

We believe that health and wellbeing is central to human happiness, and that this stems from the creation of healthier places. From access to quality health advice and services locally, to the creation of well-planned community health and living facilities, through to safe working environments, and how people access our natural capital and well designed public realm.

At BECG, we work with our clients to create meaningful connections and drive conversations around health and wellbeing. Working in partnership with healthcare providers, charities, pharma companies, Health and Safety practitioners, and developers and local authorities building healthy and thriving communities, to ensure complex fact-laden information is communicated effectively.

Our focus is on understanding our clients’ strategic aims and providing comprehensive, engaging and lasting marketing and communication strategies to meet them. We do this every day for our clients.

Creating effective communications is our core strength, and our creative team will bring your content to life as soon as possible in the project cycle. This way, your teams can understand exactly what’s being created and how it will achieve the desired outcomes.  Whether advising on managing communication on service change, disease awareness or behaviour change campaigns, our highly effective healthcare communicators will add significant value to your organisation.

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