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With around 7.1 million adults in the UK tuning in to podcasts each week (Ofcom 2019), the podcast medium is currently experiencing a rapid rise in popularity. An effective and innovative way of engaging and communicating with your audience, podcasting if used correctly can amplify your best marketing efforts efficiently.

Our expert communicators will work with you to create good conversations and craft content ideas that are aligned to your business and communication objectives – converting a concept into podcast gold. Whether you need help with a feature, an episode, or even your entire series, we can help you develop ideas that have impact.

BECG will support you every step of the way, working with you from concept through to delivery, ensuring that as many ears as possible get to hear your podcast. Our communication consultants will advise and support with topics, structure and scripting, and our skilled audio team will walk you through the recording, and create a compelling and engaging edit, that will leave your audiences wanting more.

Once a podcast is recorded, people need to hear it. We work with leading podcast providers, including iTunes, Spotify and Google, to make sure your podcasts are available to your audiences without a hitch.

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