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For the last decade, we’ve been helping companies within the built environment build a strong foundation online. We’ve designed and built brand websites, defined social strategies, delivered virtual consultations and digital advertising, earning attention and helping clients reach new audiences. We’ve done it by constantly building, designing, listening and iterating. ​

But today’s digital work isn’t earned the same way. It’s less a destination and individual communications and more a journey – an experience. ​

Where once we’d offer an FAQ page, we now set up two-way dialogues via live chat and integration of Artificial Intelligence. Where once we created social media ads, now we develop holistic experiences and the long term means to secure rewarding engagement. Today, instead of just creating a virtual consultation website to help your launch, we now deliver longer term community and stakeholder engagement. ​

We do this by interrogating data and understanding audiences, and then designing and building experiences and communications that resonate.​

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Digital Communications Benchmarking Survey

It is clear the Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound social and economic impact on us, driving changes which will shape society for years to come. One of these is the acceleration of digital communications, forcing organisations of all types to innovate.

At the start of 2021, we conducted a benchmarking survey asking digital marketeers in the built environment questions on their digital roles and focus, as well as the trends for the future.

From research and strategy to content and digital innovation, this inaugural questionnaire is the first of an annual survey placing the spotlight on challenges and opportunities within the ever-growing field of digital marketing.


Download our digital survey to find out more about the use of digital channels in the built environment.