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Our expertise

Crisis planning & communications

Assess the risk, identify the impact and put a plan in place. BECG can lead your business successfully through any crisis.  


Our expert team has a proven track record in leading the response to some of the UK’s most high-profile crises and issues in the built environment – from managing large fire response incidents and tackling live building safety issues, to dealing with data and cyber issues, as well as national customer service outages.

Our awarding-winning crisis and issues unit is led by former broadcast and broadsheet journalists, crisis communications experts, sector and industry leaders, and political experts operating across the UK.

Working alongside clients, BECG’s dedicated crisis and issues unit leads planning and preparation work to help businesses mitigate risks and avoid minor issues escalating into crises.

When a crisis incident does occur, BECG’s national team provide senior expertise and on-the-ground leadership and support, minimising any reputational damage to your business.

For immediate crisis counsel, please call BECG’s crisis hotline on 020 3697 7630 or contact us below.

Crisis response

We will lead your organisational response to real situations, 24/7, both onsite and in the back office.

Crisis audit and needs analysis

We review your existing crisis management procedures and identify areas for improvement. Establishing all risks, as well as their probability, likely impact and warning signs. Identifying each team or person’s responsibilities and developing live risk registers.

business continuity

Defining and developing an action plan for high-risk events to achieve effective resolution – mitigation, transfer, avoidance, acceptance.

Immersive scenario testing

Live simulations of crisis events help stress-test both the effectiveness of your crisis management plan as well as the performance of your team members and organisation.

Media handling

Proactive and reactive press office support, including press conferences and media handling.

Spokesperson training

We ensure organisational representatives are confident, competent and on message.

Industry-leading Building Safety Unit

Providing expert support on the sector’s biggest issue.

BECG Group has a specialised Building Safety Unit dedicated to providing strategic counsel to clients affected by the fire and building safety agenda.


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