Client Satisfaction Survey Results

We recently reached out to all our clients with an online survey conducted by specialist client survey and development agency, Question & Retain. We wanted to find out what our clients think about us, and how we can improve our service to them. Here’s what we discovered:

  • 95% of clients said the service we provided was very good or good
  • 91% of clients said the strategic counsel & advice we gave was very good or good
  • 97% of clients said we understood their business challenges well
  • 90% of clients said our creativity was very good or good
  • 97% of clients said we were reliable and good at meeting targets

We are delighted with the positive results that came back but have also listened to the individual client feedback we received on areas where we could improve. To get a further flavour of the results and see some of the lovely things our clients said about us have a watch of the video from our own Mark Darlington, Jonny Torr, and Lucinda Watt:

Client Satisfaction Survey from BECG on Vimeo.

Following the online survey, we also contacted sixteen clients to conduct further in-depth interviews to find out more about our relationships with them. The insights on where we can improve our performance even further have been very valuable and are being used by account leads to help improve our day-to-day work, as well as client development plans. Some of the feedback we heard and are acting on is as follows:

  • When account team changes happen the client understands, but we should up our level of communication and reassurance from the rest of the team at this time
  • Clients expressed their openness to hearing more about innovation in how we deliver services, particularly where we have long standing relationships
  • High levels of transparency on budget changes are appreciated. For example, if a scope of work changes and we are going to request more budget, flag that as early as possible
  • There is an appetite to hear about all the services BECG can offer.

We have also taken the opportunity to feed these comments into our BECG training programme to reinforce client service skills and make sure we are all equipped to provide the highest levels of client service and build long term relationships as trusted advisors.

Find out more about the services that BECG can offer.