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Built to Engage

Connect with your stakeholders and communities

BECG - Built to Engage

Digital communication enables faster, smarter, and targeted community engagement.

We can empower communities, reach more people, and drive better decision making through our data driven insight.

This is Built to Engage: a suite of digital tools to connect with your stakeholders and communities. From immersive virtual exhibitions and traditional town hall experiences through to webinar and virtual meeting platforms – providing a seamless way to engage around your project.

Virtual Consultations
Resident Communications
Social Media Strategies and Campaigns
Online Events and Workshop Tools

Most popular features:

  • Real-time data that can drive your decision-making
  • Unique registration codes or logins for your audience
  • Data mapping to see where your responses are coming from
  • Easily integrate explainer videos, infographics and rich social content
  • Ability to integrate virtual meeting and webinar tools
  • Chatbot technology – Live and AI, message boards, polls and surveys
  • Easy-to-use and bespoke data dashboards and reporting
  • Safe and secure – GDPR compliant and ISO accredited


Our expertise in the ‘politics of planning’ enables us to bring clarity to what can often be a complex process. Built to Engage can help you connect with a community and deliver effective targeted communications strategies, and provide detailed understanding of views and perceptions across significant scale.

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We know that our clients’ reputations are at particular risk during long-term, disruptive works that affect existing residents. Built to Engage can help you engage with residents in a way that builds trust, reduces the cost of traditional channels, prompts engagement, and provides you with data and insights to inform strategy.

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