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Building a sense of community and connection is more important now than ever


As we culturally adapt to the limitations imposed by the Covid-19 outbreak there has been an abundance of new material online, from viral pop parody videos, to TikTok dance routine challenges and marathon DJ sets. But one thing building momentum is storytelling, celebrities across the globe are even getting in on the action, filming themselves reading classic bedtime tales.

Story telling is at the heart of what we do at BECG, we use stories to build a sense of community and a depth of connection between brands and their audiences. Now, more than ever, using creative, engaging stories is integral to a successful marketing and communications strategy.

Digital platforms, tools and techniques are required to shape and evolve communications to ensure audiences are receiving, digesting and engaging with your content.

From simple regular touch points such as sending a daily or weekly email, short and long form social media content, or video calls direct to your core audience groups. Never has the power of keeping in touch and sharing stories been more important. Not just personally but also professionally.

But how can you make the most of these channels, share messages in an engaging way and even entertain your audience?

The power of Video

Video allows you to stay connected to your colleagues or your customers. I’m sure the amount of video conferencing you have been doing has skyrocketed +1000%. This is because people would rather see a conversation than listen to it, or even read it.

Obviously, our BECG video team are all restricted during lockdown in getting out and offering our professional filming services but there are plenty of innovative solutions we can offer that will help you keep communications flowing with your audiences.

Animations, explainer videos, videos made from existing stock footage, and even online streaming of live events. With video the options are endless.

Animate your content

Animation and explainer videos are used most of the time to explain topics that are hard to show in real life, using real people and real-life situations. The great thing about animation is you can literally think of anything and we can help you create it – 2D, 3D, the possibilities are endless. Our talented design team can create a graphic style in line with your brand identity while our motion graphics experts can bring the style, story and idea to life.

The power of stock

When we can’t get out to film, we can access hundreds of thousands of pre shot stock footage. Stock video is a great way to get live action footage into a video – and when accompanied by a powerful narrative, interesting graphic overlays and a professional voiceover, they can be really engaging and deliver great bottom line impact.

Live streaming

Live video streaming is a tool we’ve used at many conferences, events and awards dinners. This can provide a great solution for any postponed or cancelled events.

Using multiple webcam feeds, slideshows and visual content, we can create an online experience like no other. You’ll be able to deliver key messages, share stories, and have live Q&A sessions. Everything you’d expect at an event, can be done in an online environment.


At BECG, we are here to help you keep your conversations with your audiences flowing. Why press pause, when you have a captive audience.  If we can help, please get in touch with Mark Darlington, Head of Video.

Written by: Mark Darlington


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