Bombay Sapphire Gin Tour, Solent (South West) Women in Property

With the lighter evenings and spring on the horizon, Solent Women in Property this month hosted a private gin tour at the state-of-the art distillery and home of the infamous Bombay Sapphire gin. Located in the picturesque village of Whitchurch, the event, which was kindly sponsored by Blake Morgan, saw guests stepping inside the iconic intertwining glasshouses and learning more about how Bombay Sapphire is made truly unique with the botanics used to infuse.

As part of the tour, guests were welcomed to participate in an aroma experience to discover their own unique flavour profile based on the exotic botanicals in the Botanical Dry Room, helping to inform their choice of cocktail for later! The guide concluded with a tour of the working Dakin stillhouse where the workings of the distillery were revealed and guests were introduced to Bombay’s original 1987 Carterhead stills, Tom and Mary.

The Mill Bar, formally one of the ‘strong rooms’ where the bank note paper for the Bank of England were stored, was the perfect backdrop for trying out a cocktail of choice. An array of Laverstoke, Longparish Iced Tea, and Highclere Highballer cocktails were enjoyed whilst guests caught up.

Our next event is our Solent Networking Breakfast on Thursday 25th April at Blake Morgan in Chandler’s Ford so we look forward to seeing you all there!


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