Peaky Hikers conquer the Three Peaks Challenge

The Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing the three highest peaks of England, Wales and Scotland, all within 24 hours. A brutal task that requires you to walk an average of 23 miles and ascend 3064m in total – a challenge not to be taken lightly.

The Peaky Hikers, a team of 15 BECG employees, signed up to attempt the challenge in aid of BECG’s charity partner The Brain Tumour Charity and, following a rigorous training schedule, departed for Scotland, ready for an early start on Ben Nevis.

A 05:00 am start sealed the fate of the Peaky Hikers, beginning the first ascent at 08:00 am. Morale was high, however, the clouds were low – deceptively tricking us to thinking we were at the top at several instances in our 3-hour ascent. If that wasn’t enough, the wind and rain certainly made the climb a difficult task. Each team member was as inspiring as the next, keeping the morale up, eventually reaching the summit of the highest mountain in the British Isles but, with temperatures edging towards -1°c, we were all in a hurry to get down and enjoy a very wet bus journey to Scafell Pike.

Scafell Pike was a climb undertaken at night, requiring head-torches to be worn by all. We managed a quicker ascent this time as Scafell Pike was the smallest of the 3 mountains, but we were following the same rain clouds that met us upon Ben Nevis. Small streams turned to rivers and rapids down the side of the mountain, creating a lot of noise that dampened communication, but moving as a tightly packed group, the Peaky Hikers overcame those obstacles.

After some intermittent sleep on the minibus through the night, we tackled Snowdon in the early hours. The finish line was close, but still a 4-hour hike up and down a kilometre-high mountain. The beginning was a breeze; with smooth paths through the valley, between calm lakes and the odd camper having breakfast in their tent just off the track. This was soon to be met with a few showers and more low cloud – leading us slightly off track and requiring some improvised rock climbing to reach the peak. The low cloud didn’t let up until we were further down the mountain and into the valley, hindering our sight down the Watkins path. Eventually, arriving at the car park ready for some celebratory pictures and a happy trip to our Winchester Office.

To maximise funding BECG paid all expenses, but in total, we raised £5,785.15 for The Brain Tumour Charity which adds to the running total of over £22,000 that has been raised by the BECG team over the past year for the charity. All contributing towards world-leading research and support for those affected by brain tumours. 

The Three Peaks was a breath-taking challenge that put us all to the test physically and emotionally. Our recorded time was 23 hours and 34 minutes, cutting it very close! I would personally recommend others to give the challenge a try, as the experience brings people together and the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.