And it was more yellow – local election results in BECG’s East region

It’s rare that local politics gets a lot of attention, but the 2nd May elections rightly turned heads as the Tories were decimated across the country and Labour fared little better, whilst Lib Dems, Greens and Independents all finally had a reason to celebrate.

BECG’s East region (covering Beds, Bucks, Herts, Cambs, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Kent) witnessed some of the most standout results: 15 authorities changed hands, new cabinets and coalitions are forming across the board, and some Tory council leaders were denied their seats in brutal turnarounds that wouldn’t look out of place in Game of Thrones.

We’ve produced a map summarising not only the change in political control across the region, but delving into the detail below the surface to provide a snapshot of how the spectacular results only scratch the surface of how severely the administrations and decision-making of authorities are going to alter in the coming months.

If you think these results are solely the product of national Government’s inertia on Brexit, think again: local planning issues have been at the heart of many of these results.  A Lib Dem surge in Dacorum could make the still-solid Tory administration think twice about their Local Plan; the Greens picking up seats in still-blue Braintree on the back of campaigns against the North Essex Garden Communities may alter the authority’s approach; new leaders are in place in Broxbourne, Canterbury, East Cambs, Tunbridge Wells and more; Buck’s district authorities postponed elections this year ahead of the new super unitary forming in 2020, will they now be worried?

BECG can advise on all of this and the hundred other questions to arise from this round of polling, even as administrations and messy coalitions continue to shape up.

Click here to download a more detailed overview of the map or for further information and insights, get in touch with our Directors in BECG’s East team by emailing or by calling 0203 697 7646.