BECG announces partnership with Social Value UK

We are delighted to be partnering with Social Value UK, the national professional body for social value and impact. Already an organisational member, this new partnership reflects our long-standing commitment to ensuring that our work – and, in turn, that of our clients – makes a positive difference to individuals, communities and society in general.

Members of Social Value UK – itself a member of the global standard-setting organisation for social value and impact management, Social Value International – share a common goal: to change the way society accounts for value through principles, practice, people and power. Across the breadth of our business, we have been working with Social Value UK to embed core principles for social value measurement and analysis, to refine and share practice, and to build a powerful movement of like-minded people to influence policy.

Stephen Pomeroy, Chief Executive at BECG said:

The role of business in society has never had more significance. We share a fundamental obligation to ensure that the work we do makes a positive social and environmental, as well as economic, difference for the communities in which we work to influence change for people and for society at large.

We are excited to take forward our existing involvement with Social Value UK under our new partner status, advocating for and driving forward this movement for change across all aspects of our built environment sector – a sector which impacts on every aspect of our lives.

Isabelle Parasram, Chief Executive at Social Value UK said:

We are delighted to welcome BECG as our latest partner. As a member-led organisation, we need like-minded businesses to realise our vision of a world where organisations are accountable for their impact on people and where decisions are made to improve wellbeing, equality and the environment for everyone. Social Value UK is much more than a professional network. Together, we are building a movement for change.

If you wish to talk more about social value and its impact on the built environment sector, please get in touch.