Bringing ethnicity to property

Who we are

BAME in Property is a forum for BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicities) and non-BAME professionals who are passionate about increasing ethnic diversity in the property and planning sectors.

Our aim is to support talented people of all backgrounds, encourage coming generations to venture into fulfilling careers, and inspire businesses to create a wave of positive change.

Through engaging discussions, roundtables and networking events, we hope to get a conversation going about why there is a lack of ethnic diversity in our sector and what can we do as individuals and companies to start addressing this and make the industry more attractive to people from diverse backgrounds.

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What's the problem?

41% of London’s population is from a BAME background

1.2% of the Built Environment profession is BAME

Survey of 26 firms showed 90% of their workforce is white*

Our industry

Our industry includes professionals from the following sectors:

  • Property
  • Planning
  • House building
  • Construction
  • Real Estate investors
  • Architecture
  • Infrastructure development
  • Property lawyers
  • Politicians
  • Communications

Why diversity is important

Often when people see that a place of work or a sector is diverse it becomes a more attractive place to work.

People from similar backgrounds may gravitate to each other; engaging conversations start from similarities.


Some of the most important stakeholders in our industry are from ethnic minorities and there are fantastic opportunities to engage with them:

  • Rishi Sunak, Minister for Local Government
  • Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

“My aim has and always will be about creating a more ethnically diverse industry.”

After reading that only 1.2% of the Built Environment sector was from a BAME background, and seeing that a networking group of its sort did not already exist, I decided to set up BAME in Property. I took inspiration from other sectors where similar groups had been set up and gained insight through conversations with people working in our sector.

Ultimately, my aim has and always will be about creating a more ethnically diverse industry as people naturally become more attracted to working in an industry that is more representative of themselves. I am excited to see this group develop over the next year.

“The property industry as a whole fails to be representative of the diverse society here in the UK.”

Prior to my current position as Business Development Executive within a Real Estate & Construction team, I worked at another insurance brokerage, gaining 9 years of experience dealing with all forms of insurances for individuals and businesses. Now working in the City of London, I have truly experienced why it is important
to address the requirement for diversity in our industry. The property industry as a whole fails to be representative of the diverse society here in the UK. Whilst many businesses are working towards attracting a representative pool of talent, I believe by building awareness we can encourage more businesses and individuals to think like this.

“Diversity is colourful and something we should not shy away from but embrace fully.”

Diversity in every profession is important, but for me diversity in law is especially important because it is necessary for the profession to reflect the society it represents. Law is becoming increasingly globalised, and so it is important to bring together different views and perspectives in order to cater for global client needs. Diversity is colourful and something we should not shy away from but embrace fully. I am proud to be involved in BAME in Property for that reason, and I am very excited about its growth potential.

“The lack of employment opportunities left me lost without much direction on which path I should take.”

Having studied Urban Planning followed by a Masters in Property Development shortly before a recession, the lack of employment opportunities left me lost without much direction on which path I should take. In addition, I didn’t feel there were many examples of people of a similar background to me, that I could speak with to see how they progressed within the industry. The BAME in Property network is exactly the kind of group required, for people to gain the support or mentorship on the best course of action to develop their career within the planning or property industry.

“I know BAME in Property is going to help balance out the shocking numbers.”

In The Building Centre, a place dedicated to innovation in the built environment, the lack of diversity is blatant. When I began working within this setting, this felt truly alarming. I jumped at the opportunity to help raise awareness for the cause. Considering that a myriad of students and young professionals visit the exhibitions and seminars
held here, we should set an example by welcoming talented individuals of all backgrounds. We need to create a comfortable environment for people to work and thrive in.

I know BAME in Property is going to help balance out the shocking numbers by organising influential networking and learning events.

“We believe that people perform better when they can be themselves."

We create an inclusive environment and believe that people perform better when they can be themselves. Our inclusion and diversity group ‘Embrace’ is working to shape our approach in this area and focus on matters which are most important to co-owners. BAME in property is such an important proactive group to share, learn and contribute to taking bigger steps and making a difference within our industry.

"Town planners should represent the people"

The promotion of diversity is important to me because town planners should represent the people they work for- in our profession that is the diverse people that make up the U.K

Property affects everyone and so everyone should be represented

I have worked as a property solicitor for over 5 years and in that time have seen first-hand that the property industry has a long way to go in order to be truly diverse. I am proud to be part of the solution to the lack of diversity in the industry by working for BAME in Property. I am hoping that by shedding light on the experiences of BAME professionals in the industry we can help employers think about how they can be more inclusive to their BAME employees as well as encourage a real difference in how the industry recruits and retains BAME talen

Knight Frank LLP and BAME in Property celebrate Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month (BHM), BAME in Property and Knight Frank LLP held an important event on Friday 12 October that explored the housing challenges and opportunities experienced by the Windrush generation and beyond.

Our fantastic panel, Dr Patrick Vernon OBE, George the Poet and Sarah Wardle (BECG), reflected the past, present and future of housing issues brilliantly and complemented each other so well. We hope all those who attended have learnt something new about the struggles faced by the Windrush generation to the hurdles ethnic minority communities face today with regards to housing, and that we’ll all continue learning about these topics.

We had an excellent turnout (standing room only is a good sign!). Thank you everyone who attended and supported this important event.

Thank you Knight Frank for hosting us and sponsoring the event.

Photos from our first event

BAME in Property Tweets

*Full statistics: 13% of the UK’s population is from a BAME background, 41% of Londoners are from a BAME background (via TrustForLondon). In 2016, only 1.2% of the Built Environment profession was BAME. Out of the 43 firms that took part in the RICS and EY survey, 26 provided data on ethnicity. 23% of these respondents disclosed having a workforce of greater than 90% White/White British.

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