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A detailed content plan was created with clear influencer mapping and engagement

Flood Re is a unique offering, a government-backed flood reinsurance scheme, set up to help households who live in flood risk areas find affordable home insurance. Flood Re had traditionally taken a very corporate approach to its communications strategy, but ahead of the launch of the scheme in April 2016, BECG was appointed to use content expertise to create compelling consumer collateral, drive awareness of Flood Re and create a pull demand from homeowners and tenants to contact their insurer to gain access to lower cost insurance.

Based on intelligence from the client, we conducted a content audit assessing the organisation’s existing collateral and how it could be reworked to better connect with consumers. A design and messaging overhaul was required as previous content was industry focused.

New consumer design treatments were created and applied across a new website, consumer leaflet and social media assets and we created a full social media strategy to fit Flood Re’s needs. A detailed content plan was created with clear influencer mapping and engagement. We also developed pro forma responses ahead of launch, pre-empting the kinds of questions we might be asked so we had approved replies ready to respond to ad hoc queries in a timely fashion.

As well as the online approach, we also developed an offline strategy to reach out to the various partners, groups, water agencies and regional councils affected by flooding.

The website launched successfully and to deadline, and traffic to the site doubled the volume seen before the launch and within two weeks of launching, our partnership and group outreach allowed us to connect with groups spanning the UK and secure multiple opportunities for Flood Re including:

  • Requests for over 50,000 leaflets for groups and partners across the UK to further distribute the messaging about the scheme
  • Interaction with 220+ groups across the UK
  • Securing speaker opportunities with action groups
  • Placement of articles with the National Flood Forum and other key stakeholder partners

Since launch, activity has been focused on maintaining momentum with the content delivery across social media and we have recently launched a Flood Re Local Hero scheme to identify individuals or groups that have gone above and beyond in the event of a flood situation.