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5 ways local governments can use social media to enhance their environmental reputation 


The COP26 conference generated headlines as world leaders discussed big issues on the climate crisis. But it’s not just the international community that can make a difference. If you’re in local government, you’re on the frontline of helping the public take environmental responsibility – think recycling, for a start – but how else can you get involved in the conversation?

Let’s look at some of the ways your council can push green behaviours and use social media to enhance your environmental reputation.

  1. Education, education, education

    Climate change is a massive subject, and sometimes people don’t know where to start when it comes to changing habits and making a difference. This is where local authorities come in – you’re far more accessible than world leaders, and some would say more relatable, too.

    Councils can play a key role in creating positive social media content that shows residents how to help in the climate crisis. Social’s ideal for sharing memorable, doable tips. We’ve seen our local government clients get fantastic responses, with environmental posts earning loads of likes, comments and shares.

    Local government green content inspiration: educating locals:

       • Share environmental issues relating to government services, like what residents can recycle at the kerbside and how to reduce waste going into landfill.
       • Give hints and tips to help households reduce their carbon footprint – think reminders to turn off lights around the home. Stats on energy-saving make tips relevant and actionable.

  2. Going for green: councils build their environmental rep on social

    It’s important for organisations to show their values and that includes green credentials. So promote sustainability as part of your core local government brand to shows taxpayers you’re acting responsibly and making things better.

    Local government green content inspiration: sharing environmental credentials:

        • Show you’re making a difference within government operations. Have you gone paperless? Let’s see before and after posts sharing how much paper the council offices order now vs a year ago.

  3. Branch out with environmental content

    Get involved in wider environmental discussions to show you care about issues further than your doorstep.

    Local government green content inspiration: make global local:

        • Join the debate when it’s all happening in Glasgow, don’t forget to use #COP26, #OneStepGreener, #TogetherForOurPlanet, #ClimateAction, #NetZero
        • Get involved with national and international environmental awareness days: download our handy Hashtag Calendar to stay in the loop.

  4. A weather eye on climate change campaigns

    So you’re talking about climate, but are you hitting the right note with followers? Use social media management reporting tools (like SoCrowd) to track engagement and see which posts get the biggest responses. When you know what your audience likes to hear about, it’s a breeze to plan future campaigns.

  5. Know which way the wind’s blowing

    Go one step further, too. Make sure you’re scanning the horizon for the green topics trending on Twitter and across the internet. Use a social listening and media monitoring tool to listen out for the latest climate change news.

Don’t forget…

It’s easy for the climate crisis to take a back seat against day-to-day news stories, so local governments can play a crucial role in highlighting issues that will affect residents, now and in the future.

Showing you’re acting for the environment backs up your green credentials and builds your reputation on social. Grab a copy of the SoCrowd free guide below, New Opportunities For Social Media In Local Government, for more on engaging with what matters.

Download the free SoCrowd guide here

Written by: Jordan Smith


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